Warehousing & Logistics Solutions

Warehousing, fulfillment, delivery and dependability are key drivers of any catalogue business. But these can become a nightmare if they are not (a) controlled accurately and (b) backed up by systems which can run reliably and which can can ensure that optimisation of available stocks takes place.

The idea behind WebLog is to leverage the power of the web, in order to allow for remote warehouses to integrate with the central database. In this way, the operations staff are able to have real-time information for the purpose of creating documentation and parcels for customers. This does not only reduce the time from order to dispatch, but also ensures that data integrity is safeguarded, replication eliminated and control enhanced.

But automation is not the only attribute of WebLog. The system can drive your catalogue business strategy, for it allows relocation of warehouse and dispatch facilities anywhere within a national or even an international sphere. It is therefore consistent and compatible with global thinking and helps to create virtual links which maintains the totality of your offer while capitalising on the economies of space, time and logistic synergies.
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